Textbook Scholarship Application

The College of Ministry Leadership is pleased to offer a limited number of scholarships for textbooks, funded by The Full Gospel Churches of Australia. These scholarships are offered as provisions for textbooks and are not redeemable as cash or in any other form. Unused portions of any scholarship are forfeited and no part of any scholarship may roll over from year to year.

Students granted a scholarship must notify the College of each textbook they wish to access under the terms of the scholarship, the College then procures the appropriate textbook or resource, before forwarding it to the Student. The format of each textbook or resource is entirely at the College’s discretion and may take the form of physical copies (softcover or hardcover) or electronic copies (Kindle, PDF, or other e-book formats).

Only textbooks required for the completion of the course undertaken may be accessed under this scholarship. All textbooks or resources received by the student under this program immediately become the Student’s property (unless otherwise noted before dispatch) and the Student assumes all responsibilities for the textbooks or resources.

Students are responsible for notifying the College of the textbook or resource they wish to redeem under this program in plenty of time to begin their studies. Late notification, inability to procure the correct textbook or resource, stock shortages from suppliers, delays in delivery and postage, and any other difficulty arising from time to time that may delay delivery of the textbook or resources are outside of the College’s purview, thus the College takes no responsibility for late or non-delivery of any item accessed under the terms of this scholarship.

This notice forms part of the rules and regulations surrounding the Textbook Scholarship program offered by The Full Gospel Churches of Australia. The College’s decisions are final.