The Full Gospel Churches of Australia is a network of autonomous Pentecostal ministries, pastors and churches in Australia. We assist pastors, ministers and people engaged in ministry through conferences and other networking opportunities. We partner with local churches and ministries to help them be compliant with governmental legislation and community expectations. Our aim is that our local churches and ministries are safe, vibrant and growing.

A Minister Preaching  A pastor preaching the Gospel

Full Gospel Australia highly values freedom from onerous interference for local churches and ministries, whilst understanding the need for them to be a safe place within their communities. To that end, we also help with governance, policies and risk assessment, providing assistance to pastors and leaders to be the best they can be in ministering to their congregations, communities and families.

Full Gospel Australia was birthed in 1962 and continues to honour the integrity and sovereignty of the local church or ministry. We provide help and support to our credential holders by hosting many opportunities for fellowship, networking and strengthening, as well as oversight and covering through relationship and mutual respect.