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A Brief History…

Full Gospel Australia exists to help pastors, ministers and leaders in ministry to be the best they can be. We are led by an executive and board of skilled and experienced set of pastors and leaders  who have the wisdom of having been in Christian ministry for many years, yet have a contemporary A Bible with a Cupand forward thinking outlook for twenty-first century, Australian ministry.

The Full Gospel Churches of Australia was formed in 1963 by Ian Munro to provide fellowship and support for the ‘little man’ in ministry while allowing the local church that was established to retain its autonomy.

Ian Munro was strongly motivated to see people with a calling of God on their lives released into their ministries and recognised. Many pastors were attracted by Munro’s emphasis for the local assembly to retain its autonomy while providing the local minister with federal and State government recognition as a religious marriage celebrant. Numerous successful and wide-ranging ministries within the Australian Pentecostal movement had their beginnings with Full Gospel.

Ian Munro served as the President of the Full Gospel Churches of Australia until his retirement in 1989 when Bert Westbrook became President. Subsequent Presidents have included Hank van der Steen and Stuart McClelland. Justine Simms currently serves as the Chair of the National Board of Directors, whilst her husband, Ron is the executive leader.

A Note on Gender

Full Gospel Australia does not, has never  and never will discriminate on the basis of gender. We believe that God calls both women and men to ministry and both genders are equal before the Lord.  We believe gender is important to God, He created both male and female (Genesis 1:27) and they are both created “in His image.” Paul teaches that women and men are equal before God. In fact, we are all called “Abraham’s seed” Galatians 3:26-29. It is Full Gospel Australia’s culture to select on the basis of qualifying factors, regardless of gender.

A large number of our credentialed ministers are women, who serve in many different roles and responsibilities in churches and ministries, including small, medium and large organisations. The Chair-person of our National board is a woman. Other women are members of our National Leadership Team.
Full Gospel Australia welcomes applications for a credential
from both genders equally.

A Note on the Protection of Children
and Vulnerable Persons

Full Gospel Australia only grants credentials to people who are in possession of a Working With Children authority issued by their State or Territory government.  We also require each church and ministry to have in place and enacted a Children’s Protection Policy. We have a zero tolerance towards any actions which could bring harm to children and other vulnerable people. We place our trust in the various State and Territory  governments to implement and maintain a robust working with children checking system.

In addition to our reliance on the governmental systems, we also have placed our own checks and balances to help ensure children and vulnerable people can be and feel safe within the Full Gospel Australia environment.  These checks and balances include but are not limited to:

      • FGA’s own Child Protection Policy can be viewed here.
      • All credential holders must possess a valid Working with Children authority from their State or Territory government
      • All credential holders must sign and adhere to our Code of Conduct which is freely available on this website
      • All credential holders must operate under the direct oversight of their own board/committee/responsible persons who also sign and adhere to our Code of Conduct (2 of the team must sign)
      • All credential holders must operate under the direct oversight of their own board/committee/responsible persons which has adopted and enacted a Children’s Protection Policy within their organisation
      • All credential holders report annually to Full Gospel Australia through our Annual Renewal System

Frequently Asked Questions

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