Dear Pastors and Leaders,
    This is a very important notice, please read and action this now.
    Every Director of a registered company that is recorded with the ACNC and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation is required to possess a Director ID before the end of November 2021. Please ensure the directors of your church or organisation are aware of this requirement as soon as you can.
    A Director ID is not required if you are:
        • a company secretary but not a director
        • acting as an external administrator of a company
        • referred to as a ‘director’ in your job title but have not been appointed as a director under the Corporations Act or the CATSI Act
        • a director of a registered charity with an organisation type that is not registered with ASIC to operate throughout Australia, and
        • an officer of an unincorporated association, cooperative or incorporated association established under state or territory legislation, unless the organisation is also a registered Australian body.
    So, who needs to obtain a Director ID?
    You will be required to obtain a Director ID if you are a director or alternate director of:
        • a company, a registered Australian body or a registered foreign company under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act), or
        • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth) (CATSI Act).
    Thank you for everything you do in the kingdom, you are a great benefit to your community.
    Love and blessing,
    Ron Simms

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