WORD FOR Full Gospel Churches 2019 and moving forward. By Sheena Ryan

I see a new wave coming with signs wonders and miracles,also  restoration of the tired and broken down ministers, those who have laid down their ministries because of the overwhelming attack against them and especially their families.

Souls will also be added, God is drawing in these people and churches will grow and need new spiritual nursery systems to disciple them.

God is saying prepare for this harvest.

God is asking us to open our arms to those who have been marginalised in our communities, those he sends in particular, and to restore them with his love.

Even as a tsunami goes out before it comes in, and the wave has been pulled back for a long time,this causes a time frame before the wave can be seen. This is the season for it to come in and bring the new anointing for this season. What is a destructive force in the natural, will be a cleansing and restoring wave in the spiritual.

This wave will only destroy what is not of God, he has positioned us for such a time as this, we can ride this wave and must ride it to walk in Gods’ promises.

It has felt like a long hard season for those on the front lines, but reinforcements, are coming, Gods’ might men including the men and women of Issachar will add themselves to us.

It will take faith like never before, but as we call upon this faith, it will burst forth and we will be able to rise to the mission and assignments that are being renewed and released.

God says to read again what the original spiritual fathers established. Those pillars will remind and affirm the vision that was laid.

God has sifted in this season and what looked like loss is in fact re-alignment for this season.

So train and release like never before. The missionary focus will have the fire of God breathed upon it at this time.

Missionaries will go out, many will go to our first peoples and bring healing, and many of our first peoples will be raised up to share the gospel with the nation, with their own people and with the nations.

Those ministers touched and renewed in this wave will become spiritual parents to the upcoming ones, there’s a refreshing which will bring healing.

It is time to see that which would oppose Australia’s destiny, apathy, counterfeit religions and religious division, fall down like dagon before the ark.