Do Your Diploma of Ministry – 1 Year Higher Education Diploma!

The Diploma of Ministry is open to people of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations!  The Diploma of Ministry is an 8 unit course which can be completed in one to four years, depending on how many units you do each trimester*.  The award is a Higher Education Diploma which means that you can use it as your first year of a Bachelor of Ministry**.

You can study at your own pace and enjoy great companionship within our Cohort of Students who come from all over Australia. We meet weekly on ZOOM during the trimester to fellowship and learn together. We also offer one to one sessions to address any particular concern you might have with your study. You’re safe with us!

The Diploma of Ministry is recognised throughout Australia and the world as it is an accredited course.***  You can feel safe that you are studying with a respected education provider, that you’re studying an accredited award and that what you are studying will stand you will be applicable in your future ministry!

Doing a course with the College of Ministry Leadership  is a powerful investment in your future ministry as you pursue God’s calling on your life! Download the PROSPECTUS today and apply for a place in our DIPLOMA OF MINISTRY.

We also places in various Bachelor Degrees and Post Graduate degrees, including a Master of Leadership, A Master of Theological Study and a Master of Ministry. See the Prospectus for further details now.


* We study within three trimesters each year, these generally run from (1) Mid February to early May; (2) Later in May till August; and then (3) Later in August to November.
**To use the Diploma of Ministry as the first year pf your Bachelor of Ministry you must complete your Dip Min at a Credit level for all units.
*** For more information please see our PROSPECTUS, click here!