FGA Professional Development for Ministers of the Gospel

Professional development (PD) is ongoing professional learning, or within FGA, it is continuing to develop ministry skills and learning. Full Gospel Australia has introduced PD as an activity which reflects one of our core values: being a family of ministers who are committed to serving their local communities to the best of their abilities and who continually seek opportunities to perfect their ministry skills.

Each Minister in  FGA commits to engaging with continuing professional development in order to maintain their credential. This enhances their standing in their community and ensures their ministry is continually improving. FGA is in turn committed to providing great opportunities for all our ministers so they can be the best they can be.

Some of the opportunities FGA provides for Professional Development are:

        • Online Pastor’s Meetings
        • Online Special Events or Webinars
        • College of Ministry Leadership – accredited education for ministry in a Higher Education, online format
        • State Conferences
        • National Conferences
        • Online Marriage Celebrant Training
        • We recommend the Alpha Marriage Course
        • We recommend the Child Safe Organisation’s Child Safety online course
        • Other training Days and get-togethers

Ministers accumulate PD points (1 Point = 1 Hour of Study or Development Activity) by engaging with studies or activities which further develop their ability to minister. The overwhelming majority of Full Gospel Australia’s ministers already accumulate far more than the standard 20 PD hours set.

For instance, reading a theological or ministry book may take on average 5 to 7 hours for a 250 page book. We allow five points for reading a 250-300 page theology or ministry book. A one day conference will likely include about five hours of teaching, ministry training or development activity: we allow five points for a one day conference. A training day for Child Safety in Organisations  usually goes for one day of around five hours of mixed lectures, study and activities. We allow ten points for completion of a Child Safe Training day.